October Poppy & New Zazzle Store

Here’s a shot of a poppy I grew myself, in my wee balcony garden. There was a great week back in October where I did a few days shooting some food I baked, and every thing in the garden was thriving, so I was out shooting at different times of day … and I suddenly realized, “I made or grew everything I shot this week!” It was a really incredible feeling.
October Poppy

Speaking of making things, we’ve just built a store over on Zazzle with cards and stationary and all sorts of things that use the images we get so much joy creating. Won’t you please stop by and see if you’d like to treat yourself or a friend to something decorative and/or functional?

Anything you see on our site and would like made into cards, coasters, aprons, or posters — drop us a note and let us know! We’ll make it for you right away — and be delighted to share our art with you!

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