The Cold and the Dead

Shot in Maidensgrove (Henley-on-Thames, UK) and Concord (Massachusetts, US) in the winters of 2009 and 2010.

The Cold and the Dead -I-

In The Storm

Garlands of the Winter Queen

Momenti Mori Gravestone

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Art After George

This past September, Malcolm and I were in our first show in the UK!

Art After George

The show was “Art After George”, an exhibition of artists who are descendants (or spouses/partners of descendants) of George Howard, 9th Earl of Carlisle. It was held in the at the Dacre Hall, Lanercost, to coincide with the dedication of a new gravestone for the 9th Earl.

Malcolm and I had two pieces in the show: “Carats of the Gelt”, and “Sunset at Talkin Tarn”.

It was amazing to be in a show that was bound together by family ties, and which incorporated every artistic medium and genre. It was a brilliant way to get to know the work of the other artists in this wide family, where talent has obviously not been spread thin over the generations.

Facets of the Gelt

Sunset at Talkin Tarn

If you were in the show with us, please leave a comment with a link to your website, blog, FB page, whatever!

Lamb-y Love

We’re back from a lovely holiday in the UK!

Lamb-y love

Walking down by High Hynam, I met this friendly fellow. (Much friendlier than the “hardy native cattle” now mostly residing there!)

He stuck his head out of the fence coyly — before I had my camera out of the bag! In a trice I had the camera out, but of course, he was now back to grazing. “Do it again, cutie-pie!” I begged … and low-and-behold, he hit the same pose, just for me! Thanks, adorable sheepling!

Shot with the Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 Zoom Super Wide Angle Lens on the Nikon D300 Camera.

Pastoral Dream -I-

Another day, walking along Hadrian’s Wall down to Lanercost Priory, there was no way as I took this walk that I could not grab the camera and try to do this stunning pastoral scene justice….

I sort of want to hand this shot to a painter, as that is the obviously right genre for this type of image. The wee sheeps should be little blodges of off-white paint, and the clouds should echo them in a more sweeping way. And the trees, of course, should be done as Bob Ross-style “happy little trees”!

Shot with the same lens as above, which shows the great range and versatility that makes it such a wonderful “walking around” lens.

Pastoral Dream -II-