A Simple Explanation of F-Stop

For those who have never fully “gotten” the concept of the f-stop, or if you need a refresher, this simple but thorough video is for you!
(Hat tip to the Alien Skin Software blog!)

Women and their Big Cameras

The Women and their Big Cameras site is so awesome and brilliant (and a host of other superlatives) that I just had to share it with you!

Women and their Big Cameras is an informal photographic collective for women and their “big guns,” the few of us holdouts in the digital age of small cameras.

We strive to provide valuable partnerships amongst women to better exhibit their images without interference from the triad of galleries, gallerists and critics- to provide the public with an interesting mix of photography be it commercial or fine art imagery.

I’ve never gotten to work with large format photography (medium format, yes, and I loved it!) but I am utterly covetous and jealous and really wish I could get my hands on a large format camera to play with!

What not to say to your photographer…

A really amusing (if you’re a photographer!) take on the “Stuff Girls Say” meme…