Cokin Filter

Art After George

This past September, Malcolm and I were in our first show in the UK!

Art After George

The show was “Art After George”, an exhibition of artists who are descendants (or spouses/partners of descendants) of George Howard, 9th Earl of Carlisle. It was held in the at the Dacre Hall, Lanercost, to coincide with the dedication of a new gravestone for the 9th Earl.

Malcolm and I had two pieces in the show: “Carats of the Gelt”, and “Sunset at Talkin Tarn”.

It was amazing to be in a show that was bound together by family ties, and which incorporated every artistic medium and genre. It was a brilliant way to get to know the work of the other artists in this wide family, where talent has obviously not been spread thin over the generations.

Facets of the Gelt

Sunset at Talkin Tarn

If you were in the show with us, please leave a comment with a link to your website, blog, FB page, whatever!

Concord in the Blizzard of 2010

A couple shot by me out in the blizzard that snowed out the old year!

Blizzard 2010 -1-

Blizzard 2010 -1-

These were shot with my beloved Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8G Nikkor Zoom Lens, what I call “The Bokeh-Maker.” Boy golly, do I love that lens. I couldn’t live without it!

Also on the camera that day, Cokin A121L Gradual Grey G2 Light Resin Filter. I can’t say enough good things about Cokin filters. My last New Year’s goal was to have images come out of the camera “more perfect/more complete” — be spending less time in PhotoShop. (Not that I’m any less delighted spending hours post-processing, but I wanted to up my skillz0rz.) I must say that the Cokin filters did as much for that result as “RTFM” did!

And, by Concord-local artist Robin Litwin, a shot of me out being crazy in the cemetery that day:

Blizzard 2010, Elisabeth Weir in, by Robin Litwin

Thanks, Robin!

Boy golly did my fingers hurt when I got home! I was not too far off from a nice case of frostbite! But a hot soak bath can cure all ills.